The Truth About Skin Lightening Yogurt


Dark spots and poor skin tone may result from aging, too much sunlight, toxins and contaminants in the air, health issues, and even stress or a poor lifestyle choice. Even some cosmetics can stain skin in time. This all indicates that the solution to skin problems must come in the form of a gentle and natural product that is safe for daily use. It might seem odd, but yogurt is actually a great base for a home remedy for discolored skin and dark spots.

dark spot on faceOf course, the store shelves are full of all sorts of skin creams that promise quick results. However, there is no way for average consumers to understand all of the ingredients, and some of these creams have side effects that may do more harm than good.

In time, they may even clog pores and cause breakouts, and that can result in even more skin damage and dark spots.

Also, these commercial products tend to be very expensive. Natural and safer remedies to discolored skin are actually cheaper too. Instead of paying for pretty packaging or a famous brand, save money by providing the right nutrition for skin right from the source.

A Skin Lightener That’s Good Enough To Eat!

People need to remember that the substances put on the skin get absorbed into the body. Doesn’t it only make sense to only use topical products that really are good enough to eat? A cheaper and healthier solution is to make one of these yogurt-based skin lightening lotions. They can be mixed up in advance and kept in the fridge for several days.

The ingredients are all commonly found in the grocery store, and that is just as it should be. Besides, they have been tested as effective and are much gentler that harsh chemicals and cheaper than laser Yogurt for skintreatments.

Yogurt is made from milk, so it is a natural dairy product that contains nutrients that aging or damaged skin is very thirsty for. Besides that, dairy products contain lactic acid, and this is a proven and natural skin-bleaching product.

Furthermore yogurt is fine for all different types of skin. Unless a person has a very severe allergy to dairy products, it should be safe. People who are not sure should consult with their doctor first.

Yogurt Skin Lightening Solutions

The simplest way to use plain yogurt is to simply rub it on the skin. Leave it on skin for about 20 minutes and then rinse gently with warm water. It will probably take performing this ritual every day for four to six weeks to see a difference. However, a gentle and steady bleaching is best for skin and has the lowest risk of negative side effects.

Yogurt works great by itself. However, there are also some other ingredients that can get mixed with the base in order to make it even more effective. Again, these are all safe, natural, and effective. They may also be ingredients that you already have stored in the pantry or fridge.

Yogurt And Honey

yogurt and honeyMix up a paste that has half as much honey as yogurt. In other words, for every tablespoon of yogurt, use one-half tablespoon of honey.

Honey acts as a natural moisturizer and antiseptic, so it is really good for treating dry skin or acne. If applied to oily skin, honey can deliver moisture without increasing its oiliness.

Lemon Juice And Oatmeal

People who are concerned about aging and dry skin may also get relief by adding in lemon juice and oatmeal. For this, add one squirt of juice and enough oatmeal to create a thick pasty base. This can get applied to skin as a facial mask. It should get left on the face for about 20 minutes and then rinsed with lukewarm water.

The oatmeal is really helpful for skin that feels dry and sort of itchy. It is naturally soothing. Lemon juice contains ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C. Vitamin C is a proven skin lightener and antioxidant. While it works to gently lighten skin, it also helps clean it and flush out contaminants.

Do Natural Yogurt Skin Lightening Remedies Work?

facial treatmentThese natural yogurt-based skin lightening treatments might seem more like the recipe for breakfast than an effective facial treatment.

But they have been studied and determined effective and generally safe for the majority of people without a sensitive skin allergy to one of the ingredients. In fact, many of the ingredients in common household items, like vitamin C, lactic acid, honey, and oatmeal, are included in commercial moisturizers.

However, by making your own masks at home, you can have complete control over the other ingredients. Besides, why pay more money for synthetic bases and fillers when the natural food products contain more of the active ingredients and are cheaper? Give a yogurt skin lightener a few weeks to work for your beautiful skin.


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