Understanding skin lighteners and their effective usage


skin lighteners are for people who wish to preserve their light skin tones, especially after they are exposed to sun and birth control pills. Instead of going for bleaching agents, it is better for you to look for a homemade skin lightener or get a natural skin lightener. These two products will contain a natural membrane lightener that will stop the secretion of melanin by your body. Melanin is responsible for the fair skin tone of many people and is caused by exposure to sunlight and use of drugs that cause hormonal imbalances in the body.

If you have dark skin spots or patches, then you are likely having a case of hyperpigmentation. This arises after an extended exposure to sunlight. Spots first appear on visible skin on the face, hands and arms. When the spots appear to men and women in their middle years, they are referred to as age spots. Taking care of hyperpigmentation is straightforward. You only need to consult your dermatologist for a diagnosis of your condition. After that, you will be free to use many of the available skin lightening creams, skin lightening lotions and liquid solutions that when applied to the affected areas will cause your skin to lighten again.

Manufactured lighteners

Many commercial skin lighteners include hydroquinone in their composition, this makes them very effective but it also places them in the dangerous category. Continued use of hydroquinone leads to an increased vulnerability to harmful diseases. Excess concentrations of hydroquinone cause leukemia, liver damage and thyroid disorder. A visit to a local drug store will reveal more than a dozen choices for commercial skin lighteners for particular kinds of problems. What you need to do first, before taking on any skin products, is to understand your skin, its genetic composition and the nature of your problem.

If you have to use a product that contains chemicals, opt for those that have no proven side effects. For example, you chose products that include arbitn and deoxyarbitin. These chemicals works as well as hydroquinone but they are safer.

Natural alternatives

An alternative solution would be to opt for natural extracts such as soymilk and soybean extracts that are known to inhibit the transfer of melanin to the surface of your skin. You can also rely on exfoliation agents to work against hyperpigmentation. Talk to your pharmacists or dermatologists for the right advice on what kind of agent to use.

Homemade skin lighteners are an affordable alternative to maintain a light skin. You can use a mix of one tablespoon of honey, half a tablespoon of almond powder and a tablespoon of lemon. Put the mixture on the skin for about fifteen minutes before washing it off. You may also replace honey with milk in the mixture and apply for the same duration. Other homemade solutions include the use of lemon juice and rose water as well as sandalwood powder.

Both men and women know that having an attractive flawless light skin is one way to be judged favorably compared to having age spots. Though commercial skin lighteners work faster, they come with health risks and it is good to opt for natural ingredients that are just as effective albeit at a slower pace.


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