What Are Skin Lightening Creams?


Some people use skin lightening creams to lighten their complexions, but this is really not the most common use of these products. In most cases, they are used because of a blotchy or uneven complexion. In other cases, they are commonly used to lighten scars that may have appeared. Some examples of these types of scars include stretch sunspotmarks, lacerations, sun spots, burns, and acne scars.

Either way, the principal behind these skin lightening creams is usually very similar. They are meant to moisturize and feed skin, so it can heal itself.

There are many different types of commercial scar and skin lightening creams that can be purchased online or in the pharmacy section of a store.

Some people prefer to take a natural route and concoct their own scar creams at home. In fact, many cultures have natural skin lightening remedies that have developed out of items that would normally get found in a kitchen.

What Do Skin Lightening Creams Contain?

Typical ingredients in natural skin lightening or scar treatment remedies include fruit juice or natural oils. It is interesting to note that these same ingredients might get used in commercial skin lightening products, but you may see them with unfamiliar names on the label.

How Do Skin Lightening Creams Work?

Different creams work differently, but one popular ingredient these days is vitamin C. Vitamin C is a popular antioxidant, and it is known for its ability to help remove toxins and ward off illnesses. It is also a proven skin lightener, and because it is also healthy, it is a popular ingredient in both natural and commercially produced skin lightening creams.

Vitamin-CVitamin C is safe for most people, but it is an acid – ascorbic acid to be more precise. People who suffer from sensitive skin conditions may find that it irritates their skin.

Even people who enjoy normally healthy skin should only use these products according to the package directions because too much could become irritating.

If you know that you suffer from sensitive skin, take the time to speak with your doctor before using a new skin lightening product.

People may use more of these creams than they should because they want faster results, but this is not likely to be effective. It can also be risky. It usually takes skin lightening creams a few weeks to produce any visible changes, and you cannot speed up this process by using more cream than you are supposed to use.

Besides vitamin C, other natural and safe skin lightening creams may use oils from natural sources. These oils help keep skin moisturized, provide extra nutrients, and help deliver the active ingredients to get absorbed by your skin. These natural oils are actually very close to the oil that your skin produces naturally, so they should be quickly absorbed.

Since they are from plant sources, they should be safe for most people. However, if you suffer from allergies, you should consult your doctor to make sure they are approved for your use.

Can You Get Skin Lightening Creams From Your Doctor?

avoid direct sunlightAdditionally, your doctor may prescribe a skin lightening cream with a high concentration of vitamin A. This popular prescription cream can help lighten skin. Be sure to use it according to the direction. You only need to pea-sized application each time, and you should avoid direct sunlight after use.

Using Skin Lightening Cream On Scars

The best time to use a good cream is before a scar has formed. Skin that is moisturized and nourished is less likely to scar than skin that is dry or left open to the elements. However, some creams do help reduce the appearance of scars after they have formed.

Should You Use A Skin Lightening Cream?

If you have typical skin, commercial products that you find on store shelves should be safe. You might be prudent to only apply a very small amount to the skin on your arm or leg first to make sure that it does not cause a reaction.

Dorctor prscriptionEverybody is unique, and different creams have different ingredients, so it is impossible to predict how any one brand might affect your skin.

If you have a problem with sensitive skin or allergies, contact your doctor for advice. He may suggest a specific brand or even write you a prescription for a cream that has been designed for people like you.

In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry. You sure don’t want to use a skin lightening cream only to suffer from worse problems than you had before.

The best use of skin lightening creams is to correct blemishes, uneven skin tone, or scars. If these areas are very large, you may need professional help that goes beyond the type of cream that you can find on a store shelf. For example, some people have good results with laser skin therapy, but that is much more expensive. Some people find that prescription-strength creams work faster, but the prescription and a trip to the doctor can also be fairly expensive.

There are people and cultures that use skin creams to lighten overall skin tone, but most medical professionals do not recommend this use. Healthy skin should be beautiful no matter what color it is. Creams might be used to keep skin nourished and well moisturized, but they shouldn’t be used to lighten overall skin if it looks even and natural anyway.


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