What Are The Best Skin Lightening Agents?


best ingredients that can lighten skin

One of the hottest topics in the skincare industry is skin lightening. Millions of people look for ways to get rid of uneven coloring, dark blotches and dark spot that develop on their faces.

Flawless skin is the dream of many women. When their faces have uneven color, they become very self-conscious and seek all sorts of solutions for it.In response to consumer demand, the cosmetic industry spends billions of dollars searching for the best ingredients that can lighten skin.

Over years of research, a few ingredients have emerged as being the most effective. How does skin get its color in the first place?That is influenced by the amount of melanin that is found in the skin. Melanin is a chemical that naturally occurs in skin in order to give it color.

The amount melanin is be determined by the genetics and the ethnicity of the person. It is also impacted by how much sun exposure that a person gets. The UV radiation from the sun triggers melanin production.

When you stay in the sun for a long time, your skin produces more melanin, and your skin becomes darker. That is why people who live in countries where there they have shorter days are lighter in skin-tone than people who live in regions where there are longer days and the sun is stronger.

The amount of melanin that you have in your skin is not 100% evenly spread out. When you see dark patches and spots on your skin, this is where there is an over-production of melanin. So, to achieve lighter skin, you have to keep the melanin production under control.

skin lightening agentsIn comes skin lightening agents. A skin lightening agent has the ability to inhibit the production of melanin. When your skin does not produce as much melanin, your skin will be lighter.

One such agent that cosmetic scientists have found to be very effective as a melanin inhibitor is hydroquinone. When applied to skin, hydroquinone reacts with the skin cell and prevents melanin production.

So, any new skin cells that are produced will have little melanin. In this way, a skin lightener is really not a bleach. You are not removing color from existing skin. You are preventing new skin from getting more color.

Skincare manufacturers add hydroquinone to facial creams to make it easy and convenient to incorporate into a skincare routine. The concentration of hydroquinone found in skin lightening creams that you can buy over the counter is usually two percent.

Hydroquinone can also be found in prescription creams offered by dermatologists. The concentration is usually four percent, and sometimes higher. Hydroquinone is a powerful agent, so the use of a higher concentration on the face must be monitored by a skincare professional to ensure its safety.

Besides hydroquinone, another skin lightening agent is kojic acid. This is made from a particular species of mushrooms. It can inhibit the formation of color pigments in tissue. Arbut is another type of hydroquinone that is derived from the bearberry plant. It works the same way as hydroquinone in prevent melanin from producing.

alpha hydroxy acidWhen lightening skin, it is not enough to just use a cream that has skin lightening agents. There is the issue of what to do with skin that is already discolored.

Skin lightening agents only make new skin cells lighter. Old skin that is discolored will need to be removed through methods of exfoliation.

Popular exfoliating agents include alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA. When used as directed, it can can slowly slough off the tops layers of existing skin cells.

Your skin sheds normally already. Exfoliation just gives the shedding an extra boost. You can exfoliate your skin everyday, but you should pay attention to how your skin reacts to it.

If daily exfoliation is causing your skin too much irritation, then you should cut back to perhaps three times a week. Exfoliation serves two purposes. It removes the outer layers of your skin that is discolored. It also allows new skin to emerge from beneath, new skin that is lighter in color.

In a skin lightening treatment, you will often find an combination of an exfoliator and a skin lightening cream. Those can either come as separate products, or they can combine into one product.

 skin lightening creamResults from skin lightening takes time to show. You will not see your dark spots disappear overnight, or even after one week.

The skin lightening agents take time to work on new skin. Your old skin needs time to shed little by little. It is not uncommon to have to wait three months or more in order see a difference. You may not see a marked difference if you compare day by day.

However, if you take a picture of yourself before you start treatment, and take another picture of yourself again in three months, wearing the same outfit and under the same lighting, you may see a difference.

Your skin took a while to develop its discoloration, and it will take even longer to fix this discoloration. Just remember to take precautions when you go out in the sun. Follow instructions in using skin lightening products.

If something does not work for you after three months, move to another. Results will be different from person to person. There are many products out there, just be patient in finding the perfect treatment for yourself.


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