What You Should Know About Skin Lighteners


skin lightenersSo you are searching for an effective whitening lotion? Obviously you intend to lighten your skin tone since fair skin is considered an important aspect of beauty in some parts of the world. Skin lightening is also imperative when you are afflicted by certain conditions that result in pigmentation due to excessive melanin production. Most skin whitening treatments that block or reduce melanin production often work by inhibiting tyrosinase. A good number of them are topical gels or lotions that consist of active ingredients that inhibit melanin.

Hydroquinone is considered primary ingredient in most skin lighteners that are topically applied to manage melanin production. This substance is such a strong inhibitor that it prevents dark skin from making the substance responsible for skin color. It does not bleach skin but rather lightens it thus disrupting production and synthesis of melanin hyper pigmentation. Most of the time hydroquinone causes irritation when applied on the skin especially in concentrations higher than 4 percent.

Kojic acid is produced in the process of fermenting of rice for making sake which the traditional Japanese rice wine. Researchers have shown that kojic acid is an effective product for inhibiting melanin production. Unfortunately this acid is quite unstable and thus is not very reliable in making cosmetics since it gets degraded once it is exposed to sunlight or air. Most companies prefer to use kojic dipalmitate as an alternative since it is more stable however it is not considered as effective as kojic acid.

Most popular brands of skin lighteners contain aloe vera. This is a natural product that is highly effective in reducing skin pigmentation as well as removing sun tan as result of exposure to the sun. Others prefer to use licorice extract which is usually a base ingredient in skin lightening creams. Arbutin is extracted from mulberry, bearberry and blueberry bushes .This product is well known for being an effective melanin inhibiting agent.

Some depigmentation agents are used by people who were born with a skin condition known as vitiligo. This condition usually produces areas with light and dark skin making such individuals quite self-conscious of their looks. Such people can opt to use a lightening cream to even out the skin tone by applying a topical lotion that contains a monobenzone compound to reduce the depigmentation. Alternatively you can use mequinol over an extended period of time to whiten the skin. Although some people who do not suffer from vitiligo try to use monobenzone lotions so as to lighten their skin tone, dermatologists warn that this product is only appropriate for those who have this skin condition.

Currently there is a rapidly growing market for skin lightening products. Some of these products are more expensive than others depending on their ingredients. It is important to choose an appropriate skin whitening lotion that is safe for use rather than being sorry in the long run. Understanding how most of these products work is crucial so as to make the right choice, therefore before deciding to buy any skin whitening products conduct some basic research about it.


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